At Maimone PC, we are proud to⁢ offer experienced legal ⁤services⁣ for individuals ‍and businesses in Queens, NY and beyond. Led by the top-rated‌ attorney Albert Maimone, our law ⁢firm specializes in a wide range of legal services,⁣ including:

Real Estate Law Landlord/Tenant Disputes Business Law Cases
Represent buyers, sellers, developers, contractors,‌ landlords, and tenants in various real estate disputes.⁢ Real​ estate attorney near me in Queens, NY Help landlords and tenants resolve disputes, nonpayments, lease⁢ violations, and evictions. Handle business law​ cases, contract disputes,⁣ and business formation.

At Maimone PC, we ⁣understand ⁣that legal matters‌ can be complex‍ and overwhelming. That’s why we are here‍ to provide you ⁤with the best⁤ legal advice⁣ and representation. We ⁤also provide civil litigation services,​ including personal injury, and estate planning to help create wills, trusts, and plan estate ​documents.

Our‌ premier ‌law firm, based in College​ Point, Queens, serves all five boroughs ‌of NYC ⁤—Queens,⁤ Manhattan, Brooklyn,​ the Bronx, and‌ Staten Island— as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. Since 2005, Albert has⁤ created‍ a strong reputation as one of the⁢ top attorneys in NYC.

If you are looking for experienced legal services in Queens, NY, contact Maimone PC today. Our team of experienced attorneys is here​ to help‌ you with all your legal needs. We are committed to providing⁣ you with the ​highest quality legal services and ⁣will work hard to‍ ensure that your rights are‍ protected. Our⁣ attorneys ⁣have the knowledge‌ and experience to handle any legal issue you may ‌have. ⁤We ‌are here to ‍provide you with the⁤ best legal advice and representation.