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What are badges?

LocalLawyerNY offers 4 badges to improve your profile presentation- LocalLawyerNY Rating Badge, LocalLawyerNY Reviews Badge, LocalLawyerNY Clients’ Choice Award Badge, and the LocalLawyerNY Top Contributor Award Badge.

Use LocalLawyerNY badges to show off your LocalLawyerNY profile on your own blog or webpage. Potential clients will be directed to your LocalLawyerNY profile, where they can review information about you and likely contact you for help solving their legal issues. Once you earn them, they are yours to use indefinitely.

What badges are available to me?

Step 1

In the search field type your profile name. Then click the magnifying glass icon.
*When you find your profile click on the directory listing to be directed to the profile details page.

* If you don’t find your profile proceed to Step 3

Best Author Of The Year

Find the “Claim and update your profile” button and click it.
*The claim listing button will be on your profile details page.

* If you don’t have a profile skip this step

Step 3

You will need to register (create account) before  claiming and updating your profile. 

*Skip this step if you are already registered.

Step 4

After you are registered you will need to log back in.

*Skip this step if you are already registered and logged in.

Step 5

Click on “Claim and update your profile” Button.
*The “Claim and update your profile Button” will be on your profile details page.

Step 6

Fill out the “Claim Listing” form then click the “Send” button. Once your ownership is verified your claim will be automatically approved. 


Step 7

We will review your request and activate it within 24 hours

Step 8

After reviewing your request, we have activated it, and you will receive a Claimed badge on your profile.

You can stay on the free package or choose a paid package that gives you more features and more customers.


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